Where do I start? How about somewhere in the middle?

I found raw foods in 2007 and was able to put my lupus into remission for good. That is until my gallbladder had to be remove din 2020.

Anyone with Lupus knows that surgery is the number one trigger for a flare. Your body produces the antibodies it needs for you to successfully heal form said surgery, only to now know that it needs to stop producing all those antibodies once their job is done.

Needless to say I was in a nasty flare for seven months. Then while everything seemed to be going well, life got in the way and stress, sunlight and summer reared their ugly heads without my doing anything to protect myself. So here I am back into another flare, this one even worse than the last (because as we all know, that’s how it happens, each flare gets worse). Yet this time I see what I did, I see what my body needs (for life, not just for now), and make the necessary changes needed to get myelf back into remission for good!

As with anyone with an autoimmune disease, I too struggled most of my life without a diagnosis. My first flare was when I was a teenager, but went on deaf ears. It wasn’t until I was 45 that I had an actual diagnosis of SLE. Of course along the way there were other diagnosis (celiac disease, discoid lupus, dairy allergy, leaky gut, osteoarthritis), misdiagnosis (cancer, MS, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis), and other traumatic experiences thrown in just for good measure (brain injury, strokes, spinal cord injury, retrograde amnesia, short term memory loss).

So you can see it’s never a straight line from one symptom to a diagnosis, and this is why it takes so long for so many of us to get diagnosed in the first place. However, if you suspect you have an autoimmune disease and are not getting answers, don’t think that have a word to describe what you have is gong to chagne your world. It might get you some releif, but if you aren’t working hard at giving your body the nutrition it needs to heal you will conintue to suffer.

When I found out about raw foods, it was through the Hippocrates Institute. My friend Jonathan pointed me in their direction and while I could not afford to take a comprehensiveness program I was lucky enough to live close by and could take several courses that helped me better understand our bodies, the nutrition all humans severely lack by our current eating habits, and that once you see food as healing you see that you can make your body well again. Where I, and I’m sure most people fail themselves, is I slipped up. I normally eat high raw (75%), but when we get stressed and life’s problems get in the way we tend to become reactionary. We reach for something easy, eat something to comfort us, and so the slippery slope begins. It only took me 10 weeks (and a flooded basement) to slide myself down that slope, gain 15 lbs, and put myself in a massive lupus flare.

However, just because I’m in a flare, doesn’t mean I can’t get out, or get myself into remission again, for good.

I hope you will come along on my journey while I share what I already know, what I’m learning all over again, and what is new and exciting in the worlds of healing chronic illnesses. For if I could be in remission for 12 years without fail, then I can be in remission again for the rest of my life.

How about you?